Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IBM System

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AMD processor-based servers

AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers from IBM take advantage of the unique capabilities of Opteron technology to help satisfy the compute-intensive demands of scientific, technical and financial applications. Available quad-core and dual-core AMD Opteron processors allow you to take advantage of superior performance at an affordable price point.

IBM System x
IBM System x™ servers IBM System x™ servers powered by AMD dual-core and quad-core Opteron processors are designed to give you the confidence to deploy business applications that can help you get to market faster, while offering the scalability, reliability and flexibility your business needs.

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IBM BladeCenter
IBM BladeCenter® IBM BladeCenter blade servers powered by AMD Opteron processors are designed to be the ideal high-performance computing platform, powering applications that demand the processing power of AMD Opteron processors and the cost efficiency and flexibility and ease of management of the BladeCenter architecture.

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IBM System Cluster 1350
IBM eServer™ Cluster 1350 IBM System Cluster 1350, an integrated, factory-built and -tested cluster solution, uses advanced Intel® Xeon®, AMD Opteron™ and IBM POWER6™-based server nodes for high performance, scientific, technical and commercial computing workloads.

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